Any Day Media is a creative content producer and the owner of premium sport and culture titles, most of which have over 20 years of groundbreaking journalism and heritage. Inspired by the mountains and the great outdoors, Any Day Media’s audience are active and adventurous by nature. Our audience come to us for inspirational content interweaving with their passion points, and trust us to deliver engaging and entertaining content.

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An authentic outdoors lifestyle site with an emphasis on gear news, reviews and ‘life’ rather than ‘lifestyle’.

Outdoors Magic readers are walkers, climbers, trail-runners or mountain bikers, who are serious about their passions and making sure they have the right clothing and equipment to get the most out of them. Kit choice matters to them and is part of their involvement in the outdoors. In broad terms, they’re escapists and the hills and mountains are where they’re headed actually and mentally.

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Mpora is an online magazine focused on adventure, outdoors, action sports and gear.

Providing a mixture of longform features, news stories, entertainment and practical gear advice in a distinct tone of voice -
Mpora is all about “inspiring adventure.” It’s a website encouraging people to get outside and try new experiences, a voice on the shoulder telling you to quit your job and travel the world.

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Whitelines has been fuelling dreams of winter exploration since 1995.

With a mix of inspiring mountain travel stories, honest advice and forthright opinion, it has grown from its humble UK origins to become the biggest snowboard site worldwide – with gear reviews that top the Google rankings year after year. If you want to know where to head, how to ride and what to pack for the journey, Whitelines is your go-to guide.

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Dirt is a raw distillation of British mountain biking. It is the place to come for unfiltered and honest mountain biking news, interviews, reviews and content. Our readers live and breathe mountain biking – specifically downhill, dirt jumping and enduro, they sneer at cross country riders. All their disposable income goes into funding their latest upgrade, their summer holiday is to an Alpine bike park and they won’t buy a car unless they’re sure it will fit in their bikes. If they can’t be out shredding on the trails then reading Dirt will have to do instead.

We’re British, raw in your face, and always muddy.

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