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about us

Our mission is make it simple and sustainable

what we do: The Internet Fusion Group is a fast-growing e-commerce business that has a strong and unique growth strategy that allows for a vast scale of economy with niche online presence that are the destinations for those needing gear and lifestyle products across surf, skate, snow, equestrian, as well as premium street and outdoor fashion.

why we do it: Everything we do, from the content we create, to the services we deliver, and the products we stock, is designed to help people enjoy their passions. We don’t believe humans were built to sit behind a desk all day. It’s our job to make sure that when people visit our sites, they are inspired to pursue their interests whatever they may be. We are our customers, our passions are the same.

our mission

Our mission is make it simple and sustainable. We want to provide a hassle free & efficient service for you, so you can get out there and enjoy the good life we so crave. We want to provide the #1 online shopping destination for people living or aspiring to their own unique lifestyles.

our promise

We promise the best customer experience, in the simplest and most sustainable way. Effortlessly serving our customer touches every department at Internet Fusion Group. From the curation of selected brands and products to the efficiency of delivery, we want to share our passions. IFG is here to serve the communities we work within and the lifestyle people lead, 24/7.

our purpose

The reason we exist is because we are passionate about the products we stock far and wide. We want to inspire generations of riders, (horse or board) and all those in between. We are determined to provide an experience to the customer that is seamless and emotionally memorable.
We do everything in our power to safeguard the things we care for. If the environments we all enjoy or the communities we love are under threat, it’s our job to step in and try to defend them.

our values

We want help people connect with what matters to them; so we're creating a invigorating environment to reflect that world, and some good solid values are at the heart of what we do. By making virtues from the the things we do, we want our values to be reflected through the attitudes and behaviours of our people.

So, we are connected to the communities and products; we are passionate about continual improvements; we are committed to delivering; we are collaborative with our suppliers; we drive a sustainability agenda and we make sure that simplicity remains at the heart of what we do.

We're more than just a corporate business. We have a beating heart that is made up of our passionate customers to our dedicated staff and everyone in between.

Our mission is make it simple and sustainable

Always looking to the future...

the technology

Our custom built warehousing facility has been designed to our specification to ensure simple check in of deliveries, effectively organised storage of stock and extremely efficient dispatch. Our bespoke administration software ensures stock locations are tracked, orders are processed quickly, picking, packing and dispatch are completed efficiently to ensure reliable and speedy delivery to our customers.

All of this is controlled, managed and supported by our own bespoke proprietary system. Adaptable, scalable, flexible and dynamic; our systems and process’ are built with the ever-changing e-commerce landscape in mind.

It feels good to give back

who we support

At Internet Fusion we're part of a community sharing a passion, be it an outdoor or a fashion focus to equestrian and action sports. We care about our staff, customers, suppliers, partners, organisations and charities, and everyone we work with matters to us, which is why we make an effort to always give back.