The fashion division has its finger on the pulse

The story starts in 1822, with the birth of Country Attire co-founder Jenny’s great, great, grandfather John Cheetham. A grocer by trade, John harboured a secret passion for hats. Over the years, his grocery business flourished, and by 1870 he realised a lifelong dream and set up a successful hatting business – a factory and retail emporium in Hyde, Greater Manchester.

The business blossomed, and soon over 50 local people were carefully crafting top hats, bowlers and flat caps that travelled all over the British Empire.
Over the years – and generations – the hat business evolved. The family passion for craftsmanship, luxury and quality merchandise lived on, ebbing and flowing, expanding into textiles, design, dressmaking, even pioneering attire for equines!
One of the greatest rivals of Mr Cheetham’s hat business was Christys’ – now stocked by Country Attire – so the circle is now complete…
Today, Country Attire offers the essence of the British attitude to style, to customers around the globe. sourcing the very best on our customers behalf, carefully selecting, testing, and sharing products that look fantastic and perform their function beautifully.

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Providing the products for adventure & exploration

Blackleaf is about more than just selling products from brands it admires, it is about creating a community of like minded people who like to travel, explore and share their adventures with others, whether close to home or the other side of the world. Blackleaf is passionate about supporting small brands and aim to provide the community with choice of both the established and the new.

The ambassador program is a collective of passionate explorers who embody what Blackleaf is, through the power of photography. Through sharing their adventures Blackleaf hopes they inspire others to appreciate how special the planet is and how important it is to #getoutthere and protect it.

Blackleaf embraces design, style and crafted functionality with a huge thirst for the great outdoors. Join the community; Blackleaf would be honoured to have you. Sign up to our newsletter for the latest ramblings or simply tag Blackleaf with #blackleafadventures.

Providing the products for adventure & exploration

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The Priory is a business built on the foundation of an attraction to refined designs and a Northern personality; beginning with merely one shop and a passion for gathering specific aesthetics to come together for a hybrid store of unique styles. Hailing from the coastal fishing town Bridlington in East Yorkshire, Priory has adopted the name from the town’s former locale of pilgrimage, Bridlington’s Priory Church and adopted a branding which reflects our addiction to consumption.

Priory has currently achieved 6 years of business that’s consisted of work with the online side of retail, as well as two brick and mortar stores. It all started in our original store located on Manor St., the beginning of what would be our journey to finely curating a list of brands and products that would showcase our passion for clothing. After a few years, we expanded with the opening of our second shop titled Victoria Mill, providing us the opportunity to enhance the aesthetic of our business with the feel of a unique retail space that worked cooperatively with other facias. After obtaining two shops at our disposal, the business refined the brand mix to what would be the division of skate, street, work and premium wear - changing the way you shopped both physically and virtually through the website.

Even though we built a foundation for the company in which we offered a fresh take on garment shopping, we expanded our services with the implementation of events held within the Mill, with the likes of particular brand events that worked in collaboration with companies such as: Lee Jeans, Le Coq Sportif, Fred Perry and Carhartt.

In 2017 we had the pleasure of joining a larger company that focused on the details and services of online retail, allowing us to enhance our website and what you, the consumer, could experience. With the expansion of the new family of companies, our experience and skill sets have worked together in building upon our specialities to form a much more consistent company. From this, we made the decision to close our physical retail stores in Bridlington to focus on the online aspect of our company, working hand in hand with our team to create a more powerful and efficient shopping experience.

With previous experience in the industry and the evolution of the team, The Priory has now become a business that has reached a level of retail we had hoped to become. This is reinforced with the variation and quality of our brand mix, ensuring that our customers can be safe in purchasing a product that is of high-quality or of rich heritage.

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