general data protection regulation (GDPR) statement

Internet Fusion Group (IFG) welcomes the introduction of the GDPR in May 2018 as we have always taken the security of personal data seriously. With regards to the GDPR, IFG is working towards becoming fully complaint prior to the May 2018 date and the introduction of the regulation. As such, our customers, suppliers and employees can be confident that they are dealing with a fully compliant GDPR business.


IFG has used internal and external assistance in assessing every article of the GDPR. The Group’s activities and products have been reviewed against all 99 articles.

IFG considers the following regulations specific to our Group:

  1. A data controller of its own employee data.
  2. A data controller and processor of third party data such as that activity relating to its e-commerce operations.

A document that details the policies and activities IFG use will be made available following GDPR coming into force.

Customers and suppliers that have questions in respect to the Group’s GDPR compliance should contact us.