Who we are

Through an unwavering focus on service, simplicity and sustainability we provide marketing leading retail experiences in specialist markets.

From dressage days to big swell strike missions, being immersed in the cultural lifestyles of these activities gives the Internet Fusion Group a unique make-up of talented individuals. This specialisation and expertise facilitates authenticity, trust, and a premium context for our customers. Via streamlined operations, proprietary software, and a state of the art warehouse facility we support this context with a market-leading service.

we thrive on innovation, progression and togetherness.

Here at Internet Fusion we have a family of websites that operate in a variety of sectors, as we work with over 800 branded suppliers, as well as having a dedicated design team working on our own label projects across our facias. Our team of skilled dedicated buyer’s are sector and category champions in our fields.

In essence, we pride ourselves on the ability to define our consumers on a site level and ensure our brands and categories are in line with our target audience; this allows us to utilise our collections and products to offer a consistently high standard to meet our customer expectations, while also adding value to the brands we work with.

E-commerce is changing dramatically and the need for relevance in the marketplace is very apparent, from a brand-partner perspective we are passionate about ensuring consumers get a feel for all of our brand’s core values and identities through directional and focused assortments - on a brand and category level.

As our business has grown, the initiative as we move forward is to work harder than ever before to find our customers the best products from leaders in specific sectors, providing a comfortable sense of reliable product - reinforcing a standard that shows that we understand the industry and more importantly, understand what makes a high quality/high-value product. As we buy from global brands from all over the world and translate their guidelines to ensure their message is heard, we are constantly expanding our finely curated roster of products.