Action sports division is made up of a strong offering covering everything from surf to motocross

Surf, Snow & Skate; Surfdome has it sorted.

From the beach to the mountain and the street – Surfdome feels your passion and has all needs covered.

Surfdome's purpose is simple, yet strong. The employees of Surfdome are the same as it's customers; they cherish the time spent on their boards. To enhance the lifestyle that board sports offer, staff look for the best value products that can be provided with minimal harm to the environment and with ease.

Effortlessly serving the customer touches every department at Surfdome. From the curation of selected brands and products to the efficiency of delivery supported with a unparalleled customer service.

Surfdome wants to share their passions of board sport endeavours to be available to all. Surfdome is built to serve the Surf, Snow & Skate community and lifestyle it breeds 24/7.

Surf, Snow & Skate; Surfdome has it sorted.

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Formed in the spring of 2006, DirtBikeBitz provides a whole new level of experience in online motocross shopping. Functionality and service that is unparalleled.

Based in the UK, DirtBikeBitz has over 25 years off-road experience with over 15 years internet and eCommerce experience. DirtBikeBitz has accounts with all the major suppliers, allowing it's customer to shop for all their needs.

DirtBikeBitz provides a delivery and customer service of the highest quality, matching the products they provide. Striving to provide our customers, both past and present with the most up-to-date products the off-road industry has to offer.

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Inspiring and serving the whole Scuba community

Acquired in the summer of 2020, Simply Scuba is a multi-award winning retailer that has been serving scuba diving enthusiasts for over 25 years and plays a significant part in the UK diving scene.

Through world-class media, customer experience, and product-selection Simply Scuba is a best-in-class proposition for diving enthusiasts and the ultimate route to market for the fantastic brands that make this such an exciting industry.

Inspiring and serving the whole Scuba community

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